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Malton Postcards

About the Malton Postcard Collection

The majority of our postcards are of Malton and Old Malton and date from around 1900 to the 2000’s. These include the main shopping thoroughfares and street scenes, churches, schools, river scenes, the railway and events.

Examples are arranged here in 'galleries'. Click on any one to see an enlarged version and associated description. The collection has duplicates of many of these cards and dates given are taken from the earliest postmark.

Malton Street Views

  • Wheelgate c1904
    Wheelgate c1904
    Looking north from near the Butcher Corner. Not many people about! WS ref: MALWS2018.1343
  • Yorkersgate c1903
    Yorkersgate c1903
    Taken from near the Butcher Corner looking west. WS ref: MALWS2018.123
  • Lower Market Place c1910
    Lower Market Place c1910
    The lower side of the Market-place was dominated by Messrs. Fitch, drapers etc. WS ref: MALWS2017.663.4
  • Central Market Place c1910
    Central Market Place c1910
    A view looking up towards the Town Hall WS ref: MALWS2018.342
  • Old Maltongate c1905
    Old Maltongate c1905
    Looking up the hill from Butcher Corner. The White Swan is on the right. WS ref: MALWS2016.482.5
  • Greengate c1905
    Greengate c1905
    Getting water from the pump was an important part of daily life. The cottages on the left were removed to make way for St Leonard's Close. ref: MALWS2016.482.4
  • Butcher Corner c1916
    Butcher Corner c1916
    The main intersection in Malton and consequent queueing traffic. Snow's drapery shop held the corner of Castlegate and Yorkersgate but was demolished to make way for road improvements. WS ref: MALWS2018.116
  • York Road c1910
    York Road c1910
    York Road was the main Turnpike road from York To Scarborough, the longest Turnpike road in the country WS ref: MALWS2018.382
  • Middlecave Road
    Middlecave Road
    This road leads to Malton Hospital that was opened in 1925 and to Malton Grammar School, now Malton Senior School WS ref: MALWS2016.668.1
  • Market Place & St Michael's c1946
    Market Place & St Michael's c1946
    St Michael’s is at the heart of the Market Place. Regular markets were held here for 100s of years WS ref: MALWS2018.523
  • Finkle Street
    Finkle Street
    On the left was the town lock up, most of the original street has been demolished and rebuilt. The Prince of Wales started life as a beerhouse, later gaining a full licence WS ref: MALWS2018.829
  • Greengate
    The large building on the left is Greengate House and was occupied from the 1850s by the Walker family, brewers and corn millers. In 1901 Richard Snow, draper, is living there. The smaller building next door is Hillside House WS ref: MALWS2018.835
  • The Mount Foot c1915
    The Mount Foot c1915
    This is the short road between The Mount and Horse Market Road. The larger house on the corner of The Mount is still there but the cottages made way for a 'wagon wash' for market vehicles in the 1980s WS ref: MALWS2018.925
  • Victoria Road
    Victoria Road
    The centre building on the left of the photo was the Court House and to the right of it the Police station. The light coloured detached building in the centre of the photo was where clay pipes were manufactured. WS ref: MALWS2018.926
  • Central Market Place
    Central Market Place
    The Town Hall was built in 16th century with a covered market and Justice Rooms above WS ref: MALWS2018.347
  • Yorkersgate c1950
    Yorkersgate c1950
    Palace Cinema on the left and the George Hotel on the right WS ref: MALWS2018.155
  • Castlegate c1941
    Castlegate c1941
    Castlegate was the home of the breweries WS ref: MALWS2018.409

Malton Buildings and Features

  • The Cattle Market c1914 (1)
    The Cattle Market c1914 (1)
    In the early 19th century the Cattle Market was held in the Market Place. It moved when the slaughter house was built in 1826. WS ref: MALWS2016.492.7
  • The Sebastopol Cannon c1910
    The Sebastopol Cannon c1910
    Captured at Sebastopol this was a gift to the town organised by Major-General Norcliffe of Langton Hall. In 1859 it was initially placed in the lower Market-place. By 1879 it had been moved to the western end of Yorkersgate, at some point later it shared the same plot as the War Memorial. WS ref: MALWS2018.377
  • The Station Platforms c1913
    The Station Platforms c1913
    The railway from York to Scarborough was opened on Monday 7th July 1845. The following day nearly a 1,000 people took a special train from Malton to Scarborough. The station was linked to Yorkersgate by 'New Bridge Street' (later Railway Street). WS ref: MALWS2017.663.1
  • The War Memorial
    The War Memorial
    This was unveiled on Sunday, 13th March 1921 by Earl Fitzwilliam. The Sebastopol Cannon was previously on this site WS ref: MALWS2018.211
  • The Talbot Hotel
    The Talbot Hotel
    Built as a Hunting Lodge c1684 and later converted into the Talbot Hotel WS ref: MALWS2018.195
  • The Brow c1909
    The Brow c1909
    A private villa on York Road with river views WS ref: MALWS2018.383
  • Derwent Bank c1960
    Derwent Bank c1960
    Once a private villa on York Road it became a Youth Hostel between 1945 and 1997 WS ref: MALWS2018.387
  • St. Michael's School
    St. Michael's School
    For a long time this was a private girls school but later became The Mount Hotel WS ref: MALWS2018.395
  • Sheep Foot Hill Cottages & Fire Station
    Sheep Foot Hill Cottages & Fire Station
    The workers of the Malton Estate Company lived in this row of cottages, presumably originally built for the Mill workers. At the end of the row is King’s Mill which has been converted into flats. WS ref: MALWS2018.419
  • The River c1905
    The River c1905
    View from the river with Talbot Hotel in the background. The river had been busy with commercial traffic but ceased in importance as the railways increased their influence WS ref: MALWS2018.660
  • Cottage Hospital c1912
    Cottage Hospital c1912
    This was opened in 1905 by Countess Fitzwilliam. When the new one was built in Middlecave Road in 1925 the British Legion took it over and it was opened by Princess Mary. WS ref: MALWS2018.749
  • The Lodge c1915
    The Lodge c1915
    This was the site of Malton Castle, Lord Eure had a house here in 1569 and Lord Ralph built a new one in 1604 WS ref: MALWS2018.855
  • St Leonard's Church
    St Leonard's Church
    Although it has 12th century origins it did not get its' spire until the 19th Century. Like St. Michael's it was a lesser church to St. Mary's in Old Malton. It passed to the Church of England on the dissolution of the Monasteries and was 'returned' to the Roman Catholic church in the early 1970s. WS ref: MALWS2018.542

Old Malton

  • Old Malton Church from the River
    Old Malton Church from the River
    Hurtley’s Flour Mill was situated on the banks of the river here. The course of the river changed with the Rye and Derwent Drainage Act so the Mill lost its water power. They relocated to railway Street in 1885 later moving to Hull. WS ref: MALWS2018.1199
  • Westgate
    The thatched cottage still survives today WS ref: MALWS2018.866
  • New Road c1911
    New Road c1911
    WS ref: MALWS2018.481
  • Old Malton
    Old Malton
    The white cottages in the centre of the photo were part of the Grammar School founded by Archbishop Holgate in 1857 WS ref: MALWS2018.462
  • Pit Houses
    Pit Houses
    These houses were in Highfield Road, the top terrace has since been demolished. WS ref: MALWS2019.103
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