The Malton and Norton Heritage Centre is currently closed. Please use our email address below to submit research enquiries.
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Our Collection Catalogue

We have a collection catalogue which uses museum standard software. At this point we are unable to offer external searching of this. However, if you have a research query do please let us know via our email link at the bottom of this page. Our volunteers are able to use the catalogue in drafting our response.


eHive is a web-based collection cataloguing system which is used worldwide by hundreds of museums, societies and private collectors to catalogue objects, store images, manage acquisition information and publish their collections online. We have conducted a limited trial of eHive and you can browse or search this here. Please remember this trial is representative of a very small fraction of our collections. You can also search for similar objects at all museums/collections that are using eHive.

Collections Policy

This document is being drafted, when completed, it will cover the principles providing a framework for the acquisition and disposal of collections by the Malton and Norton Heritage Centre. It is based on principles common to UK museums accredited by Arts Council England.

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The majority of our postcards are of Malton and Old Malton and date from just before 1900 to the 2000’s. These include the main shopping thoroughfares and street scenes, churches, schools, river scenes, the railway and events.


These postcards date from around 1900 and illustrate various aspects of local history including main shopping thoroughfares and street scenes, churches and chapels, schools and horse racing stables.


We have thousands of receipts and invoices relating to local businesses, including some fantastic decorative bill heads. There are also posters for social events, theatre productions, auctions, advertisements by tradesmen, programmes, school photographs and lots more. The local newspapers are also represented.


There are 7000+ objects in this collection, dating from around 1880 to 1960. Items relating to cooking, household heating, cleaning and laundry, joinery, butchery and coopering. There are also items relating to specific local businesses, these include breweries, tailor’s shops, chemists, seed merchants, grocers and more.


Cartes de Visite were small photographs (the size of a visiting card) and mounted on thin card approximately 4 x 2 ½ inches. These were first used in Paris and then shortly introduced into England in 1857. It was previously possible to have a photograph taken but it was challenging and expensive to produce multiple copies. The technique for producing Cartes de Visite involved taking several photographs on a single photographic plate. This enabled copies to be produced and distributed among family and friends and this initiated a desire to collect. In 1860 this was fuelled by the availability of Carte de Visite portraits for the Royal family. The hobby was popular in Malton, as evidenced not only by the survival of many examples but also by the advertising of photographic albums by the local stationers.


Cabinet Cards were introduced in the 1860s and gradually replaced the Carte de Visite format. They were larger and generally printed on thicker cardboard, usually the photographer’s details were at the bottom. On the back there may be simple printing of a pattern or advertisement. These designs became more elaborate as time went on. Cabinet Cards declined in popularity following the introduction of photographic postcards.


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The Woodhams Stone Collection is entirely run by volunteers and is housed in the Malton & Norton Heritage Centre. A donation however small would help towards our running costs and the purchase of archive quality materials required to store and preserve the Collection for future generations. If you should decide to donate via the PayPal button neither you nor Woodhams Stone Collection will be charged a fee for this donation.

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Malton & Norton Memories

This group is for those who are interested in life as it used to be in the twin towns of Malton and Norton. It is chiefly a showcase for photos and items from the Woodhams-Stone Collection but you are welcome to post any comments, memories or photos you may have to share.

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